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Full Stack, from IoT to cloud services. Your imagination is our limit.

CyberSecurity & Compliance

Shypwright has extensive understanding of Cybersecurity standards and compliance. We can help bring your organization into compliance with NIST 800-171 and/or ISO 27001

Embedded Development & IoT

Distributed fog computing is becoming a major player; and Shypwright has extensive experience building lean custom OS's integrating most protocols or bit-bashing on custom hardware. Our experience also includes several types of communication technologies along with board bring-up and device verification testing.

Backend Cloud Development

The entire team has spent a substantial amount of time tackling every sort of complicated cloud solution over the years. Backend is typically the core of many businesses and we know how to build framework agnostic code which is readily deployable and easy to maintain in a myriad of languages.

Control Systems

From controlling robots, battery systems and grid scale power plants, we've seen it all. We know PID loops. We have a trusted system in development along with testing frameworks, which ensures peace of mind with regards to edge cases. We have the ability to integrate the control system with the cloud.

Machine Learning & Big Data

The entire team has extensive knowledge on handling big-data with the ability to readily visualize the results. In addition, we leverage the experience from our resident physicist for heavy math related tasks.

Mobile Development

Using React Native, we can build your app to be cross platform and fast. We employ the same standards to our mobile development as we do to our backend development, resulting in a robust app with enhanced user experience.

Security & Penetration Testing

Security is addressed from Day 1 in all of our projects. Using knowledge from working in the security sector along with Black Hat trainings, we can provide pen-testing along with a good nights sleep for our clients knowing their product is protected.

Project Management

We have outstanding in-house project management capabilities. From Day 1, all user stores are coallated into our agile development, taking advantage of pivoting to a new feature set or managing production bugs and team resources as the project evolves.


Load testing, integration testing, unit testing, code climate; we do it all in the course of development such that the full gamut is automated leveraging cloud technologies.

Front End & UI

A clean user's experience can be worth it's weight in gold. Shypwright always builds our front-end code to exceed your expectations.


A quick tour of Shypwright and the team.

  • Shypwright

    Humble Beginnings

    Shypwright was founded in 2016 with a mission to provide end-to-end solutions to demanding problems. We take pride in our proven ability to provide these solutions in an efficient and scalable manner.

  • Vinay


    Vinay Malkani is a computer technologist who utilizes 20 years of industry experience and his propensity for blending technology and business in order to create innovative solutions that solve a variety of complex obstacles occurring in today’s business arena. In addition to having large corporate experience, he has worked with businesses from the early startup phase all the way through both acquisition and IPO. His experience includes leading, architecting, and implementing solutions in e-commerce, finance, adtech, robotics, and the energy sectors. Mr Malkani's proven track record has produced solutions for K-Mart, LVMH, Scholastic, American Airlines, Marin Software, and Stem Inc

  • Monikka


    Monikka has 20 years of software experience and spent most of her career in clean energy. Her past positions include engineering at Stem, Apple, and VP of Software for Unigen Resources. She has spent the last 5 years working with numerous D&I tech non-profits supporting underrepresented groups in tech through mentorship and education.

  • Bo


    Bo started his career in high energy/quantum chromodynamic physics under the Niels Bohr Institute at Copenhagen University focusing on a state of matter which is now proven to exist moments after the Big Bang. Bo later transitioned to Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and CERN to further develop his analytical and computational skills. Now with 15 years experience in both hardware and software, he has worked with Stem Inc., Cypress Creek Renewables, leads a project with Onset Inc. and volunteers with Trout Unlimited to protect endangered species using computational analysis.

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Shypwright's Team

Vinay Malkani

President, Lead Architect & Co-Founder

Monikka de la Zerda

Lead Developer & Co-Founder

Bo Olsen

Lead Developer & Co-Founder

Vinay, Monikka and Bo have been long time acquaintances, friends and even co-workers. The three of them love the thrill of green-slate projects; architecting the entire stack to automated integration testing leveraging the cloud. Combining Vinay's heavy experience in full stack, Monikka's solid back-end engineering, and Bo's low-level sprinkled with math together with substantial management experience, the result is a team that can realize any idea by solid scalable production grade code. And they have fun doing it.

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